Education packages

Education packages

We provide a range of education packages for learners experiencing challenges within a mainstream school environment.

Our learners age from 11 – 16 years old (National Curriculum Years 7 – 11)

Respite & Reintegration:

Learners are assessed both academically and socially to identify barriers to learning. An agreed period of specialist teaching (usually 6 weeks) allows for strategies to be investigated and applied. Information is shared with both learners host school (or new school if appropriate) and parent/carers with an aim to address learners specific needs once specialist teaching period ceases and learner returns to school.

GCSE – Key Stage 4 – Social & Emotional needs – including anxious and phobic

Learners have access to a range of GCSE subjects taught by subject specialists. We have several small class groups with opportunities to address emotional needs allowing for learners to achieve their potential away from larger school settings.

Vocational Pathway

We offer a range of support and guidance aimed at both exam success and securing quality Post 16 opportunities. We work with a range of providers to offer work based training and learning focused on each learners career path.

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