Posted On: 13 Mar 2023

Steve Turner (Cleveland Police and Crime Commissioner)

Steve Turner (Cleveland Police and Crime Commissioner) attended Archway on Tuesday 14th February. He awarded the seven students that successfully passed the eight week ‘Back on Track’ Motorcycle Safety course with a helmet and certificate.

During the course, the following themes were delivered: Motorcycle themed first aid, road safety, crash extrication, positive use of motorcycles from emergency motorcycle volunteers to Police riders, motorcycle injury law, motorcycle maintenance and the community impact of motorcycle nuisance and anti-social behaviour.

Each student was asked to give an example of what they had learnt from the course. Below are some examples:

“Until I completed this course, I didn’t realise the importance of checking the tyre pressures, brakes and suspension before getting on the bike!” “I understand the importance of keeping it maintained and doing it regularly to keep myself and others around me safe”.

“I have never heard of a lifesaver check, but since doing this course, I always check over my shoulder before setting off when riding off-road”.

“Since doing this course, I can see that the Police are not trying to stop me from having fun, they are trying to make sure I have fun but in a safe space”.

“Until doing this course, I never thought to wear a helmet or wear riding gear”. After watching the videos that Graeme has showed all of us, I never ride without a helmet now!”.

“I can now see that riding a bike close to people’s homes is seen as a nuisance and that if we are dressed all in black with a balaclava on, it can be seen as intimidating”. “I understand that riding on a track is far safer and less of a nuisance to others in the community”.

“I didn’t realise that there are jobs available if you like riding bikes!” “Graeme said there are jobs like working in the Police bike section or being a motorbike reviewer which can lead into volunteering in the blood bikes”.

Steve Turner was so pleased at the level of commitment and resilience from our students that he is looking into the possibility of funding the course for another set of Archway students.

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