Archway Rewards

At Archway pupils have the opportunity to gain rewards called ‘Archie’s’, this is in recognition of their achievements throughout the week. Each pupil works towards an ‘ARCHES’ passport (Aspire, Resilience, Citizenship, Healthy, Employability and Success) and staff reward them an ‘Archie’ related to any of the above criteria. An example of this is if a pupil has found a piece of work challenging but they persevered with it then a member of staff may award an Archie for Resilience.
Pupils have the opportunity to spend their Archie’s at break or lunchtime at the Tuck Shop, where one Archie is equal to 25p. This gives pupils the opportunity to personally manage their Archie’s, teaches them money management and invokes a sense of responsibility. In addition to this, pupils are able to save their Archie’s and attend a reward trip at the end of each half term (ten Archie’s acquires a place on the reward trip). This academic year, students have been given the opportunity to visit; District 7 (gel-blasting); Hollywood Bowl and Teesside Karting (go-karting).
Furthermore, pupils at Archway have the chance to be awarded with a Golden Ticket at the end of each week. This recognises 100% attendance and punctuality in a week. If students achieve four Golden Tickets in a half term they earn a place on the end of term reward trip.
All staff work hard to encourage all pupils to achieve 100% attendance and motivate them to be rewarded ARCHES throughout the school day.


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